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Black Hag, White Law -

A stunning guided walk, a slightly different one.

Coming into The Cheviot Hills from the Scottish side, makes for easy access into some of the iconic mountain tops on the North side of The Cheviots and this guided walk did very much live up to that

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guided walk, Humbleton Hill -

Humbleton Hill is one of those hidden gems, so pulling up on the car park on a sun-drenched Saturday late in September you can ask for nothing else.

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guided walk, Holy Island, Pilgrim's Route -

The blog from our guided walk over the Holy Island on what must have been the warmest day of the year.

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guided walk, Windy Gyle -

The blog from the guided walk up one of the best mountains in Northumberland, Windy Gyle.

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guided walk, Hillforts -

On this guided walk we visited the four hill forts of the Coquet Valley around Rothbury - Old Rothbury hillfort, West Hill camp, Tosson Burgh hillfort and Lordenshaws hillfort

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