About Shepherds Walks

Shepherds Walks was set up in 1999 by Jon Monks, who at that time was a full time Hill Shepherd in Northumberland. More used to looking after sheep he started shepherding people around the hills, rather than sheep.

About Shepherds Walks

Over the following years Shepherds Walks has grown in size, but over this time we have not lost the personal touch we have been complimented with over the years.

What is a Shepherds Walk?

The question we get asked all the time is 'What makes Shepherds Walks so unique'?

We understand the landscape you are walking through.

As Shepherds Walks is run by people who live and work in the countryside and region, we have a special relationship and understanding of the landscape we are walking through. You would not get a coal miner to take you around a ship yard, so why let a less knowledgeable and experienced person guide you around the countryside? Our knowledge and affinity with the landscape makes for an extra special experience.

This arises our products and services, right from a self-led walk to a walking holiday, not forgetting all our other guided walks, courses and events.

Not just across the landscape, but through the landscape.

With Shepherds Walks you will not just be taken on a walk or course, you will be entertained and informed about the countryside and landscapes you pass through.

Shepherds Walks guided walks

On our Shepherds Walks guided walks the guide will stop and tell you things you want to know and bring the countryside to life. This is also applies to self-led walking guides but in printed form.

Our guided walks are certainly not a of the ‘Follow me, I know where I am going’ type. Each is tailored to the needs and interests of the group on the day help to make for a great experience.

Stories will be told.

At Shepherds Walks the guides have not just learnt everything from a text book, but instead they all lived and have a passion and enthusiasm for the landscape we walked through.

Your trip will be filled with real stories from the countryside you are walking through.

Real personalities.

Shepherds Walks is full of real personalities.

The ethos of Shepherds Walks is to find the right person and then train them. Shepherds Walks is staffed by individuals with in-depth local knowledge and genuine passion for the areas in which they work and the personalities to show them off to best effect.

In Shepherds Walks we have guides, trainers and volunteers who work together as a tight team for you the participant. All our guided walks have volunteers complementing the guide and helping to maximise everyone’s personal experience. The same is true of our various courses too.

A truly unique experience.

Jon and Jane - Shepherds Walks

At Shepherds Walks we know and understand the landscape you are walking through.

After a Shepherds Walks you will better understanding of the landscape you have walked through past, present and future.

All this in a relaxed, friendly, informative manner, you are there to enjoy the experience and our aim is to help you achieve this.

Customer service.

You are not just a number at Shepherds Walks but an individual to be looked after right from the start, from the first time you. Your personal requirements will be taken into account; you are now part of the ‘Shepherds Walks family’.

We work round the clock to make sure you receive the best experience we can provide we are only a ever a phone-call or e-mail away for your questions or queries.

Smaller groups.

Whether you are on a day walk, course, event or walking holiday you will be given that personal attention.

You will not be 1 in a group of 50, at Shepherds Walks everyone is an individual.

On all of our walks, courses and events numbers are strictly limited, to ensure that you get the optimum experience.

Added value.

At Shepherds Walks we aim to add value to the total experience you receive from us. Whether this is opening your eyes to new things while following a self-led walks or one of our guides showcasing the stunning countryside you are passing through.

Our expertise in products and services is second to none. We know and use the products we sell. A great example of this is the GPS units we sell. We will demonstrate them practically and answer any questions you have. We routinely set it up for you and install any mapping before you leave the shop, so you can go out and use your new GPS immediately “straight out of the box.”