Humbleton Hill - 2021

guided walk, Humbleton Hill -

Humbleton Hill - 2021

Humbleton Hill is one of those hidden gems, so pulling up on the car park on a sun-drenched Saturday late in September you can ask for nothing else.

After meeting the group, we skirted around the edge of Wooler before heading through Highburn House Caravan Park

After passing through Humbleton Village we slowly climbed Humbleton Hill.
The hillfort of Humbleton Hill consists of two predominantly stone built ramparts with adjoining enclosures. It is uncertain when the initial fortification was constructed - it is mooted to have been either Bronze Age or Neolithic - but the univalate defences date from the Iron Age and its final configuration suggests possible post-Roman occupation. Further modifications were made during the medieval period when the site was used as a shelter for shepherds.
Humbleton was a substantial settlement with strong defences. Defended by walls over 3 metres thick and probably at least several metres tall, it would have dominated the area. On the south side the rampart abutted a steep ravine further strengthening the position. The site enclosed around 3 acres and was later expanded by additional annexes - both these and the original site had a variety of circular huts within.
From the summit we descended steeply before passing up to Wooler Common before join St Cuthbert’s Way as we dropped back to the Wooler Common Car park.
I must finish on the temperature again, what a day, it was warmer than many of the summer days we have had.
Great company again and certainly a walk to remember, many thanks to everybody who came along.

Jon - Sept 2021

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