Black Hag and White Law from Yetholm 2021

Black Hag, White Law -

Black Hag and White Law from Yetholm 2021

After meeting just outside of Kirk Yetholm we headed up the valley bottom, as we passed up the single-track lane the cloud was lying low on the mountain tops all around, but thankfully it was a still day, perhaps we were not going to see much whilst up a height but at least it was not going to be too cold.

We skirted Burnhead before reaching the ruined settlement of Old Halterburnhead, in a stunning, picturesque location.

From here we started the gradual climb over Birky Knowe before reaching our lunch spot, with The Schil away to our left, but of course it was shrouded in mist/ cloud, so nothing was to be seen.

After lunch we climbed over Black Hag and then re-joined the high-level route of this, the final section of the Pennine Way, passing then down before climbing up to White Law then onto White Law Nick. On a clear day I personally this this is one of the most iconic photo spots in Northumberland as the ground drops steeply away from this stile.

From there it was all downhill dropping gradually back down to the cars.

It was a lovely walk, the great company made for a lovely eighth mile walk, I am a massive fan of walking into the Cheviot Hills from the Scottish side, and this guided walk certainly confirmed this to be the case.

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