The Rothbury Trenches

Rothbury Trenches -

The Rothbury Trenches

On the 7th August 1914, Lord Kitchener, secretary of the State for war, issued his first appeal for 1000,000 volunteers to join the British Army. Among those who enlisted where the men of the 18th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. After signing up, they travelled north from Newcastle to Rothbury to as start their training.

In December 1914, early in WW1, volunteer soldiers of the Northumberland Fusiliers went to the moors above Rothbury to prepare for trench warfare in France, constructing a complex network of practice trenches.

The digging of these practice trenches not only taught new recruits basic trench welfare but it also helped build their fitness and encourage team spirit.

Today we had a unique opportunity to explore and hear more about the Rothbury trenches and a very poignant day as one third of the local lads that went out to France to put their skills into practice never came home.

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