Safe Crossing Times to Holy Island

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Safe Crossing Times to Holy Island

Walking across the Pilgrims Causeway onto Holy Island is one of the best walking experiences you can ever imagine. The sense of isolation is very different than countryside walks.

But as Holy Islands island which also known as Lindisfarne you must work around the safe crossing times to the Holy Island. Please do not attempt to cross the causeway at any other time as the tide comes in very rapidly and is very dangerous.

The safe crossing times to Holy Island provided by Northumberland County Council are for those people who wish to use the causeway road to access (or return from) Holy island.

The crossing times to Holy Island should also be treated with caution, as local weather conditions (such as high wind) can change everything.

As a walker I personally prefer walking the pilgrim’s route across the sands to Holy Island. It gets you away from the traffic which at busy times of the year can be very busy along the road.

The perfect situation when looking at the tide times is to walk to or from Holy on an outgoing tide. During this tidal state the route will be getting better, but practically this is not always possible.

One thing I always say to people when walking the pilgrim’s route to Holy Island, if you don’t feel happy when walking if you veer off to the road causeway (off to your right when walking off Holy Island or to your left when walking onto Holy Island) you will get yourself into a better situation. This gives you plenty of confidence.

Usually walking onto or off Holy Island takes a couple of hours so the ideal situation is to look at the Holy Island crossing times and start a couple of hours before low tide (i.e. half way between the times give you as ‘safe crossing time’). But I appreciate this is not always possible so realistically don’t start walking 4 or less hours before the causeway road closes. When walking at this tidal state (i.e. four hours or less before the causeway closes) I would always walk the road route.

So look at the Holy Island Crossing times on the Northumberland County Council web site, plan ahead and enjoy one of the best walking experiences you can imagine; walking the pilgrims causeway to or from Holy Island with the confidence that you know the safe crossing times.

You can see the safe crossing times for Holy Island here.

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