The Cheviot the Highest Peak in Northumberland

Cheviot, Northumberland -

The Cheviot the Highest Peak in Northumberland

The Cheviot, sometimes justified, gets a bad press.

Standing at 2,676 feet (816 metres) it is the highest peak in Northumberland, but with a flat broad summit it does not treat the weary walker to great views, actually it does not treat you to any views from the summit.

So my advice is to enjoy you climb up The Cheviot (not often you hear that), as you climb up this mighty summit don’t be scared to stop, turn around and enjoy the view. You will not be disappointed as you make your way to the highest point in Northumberland, which must be a must for everybody.

As The Cheviot stands with a valley either side (Harthorpe and College) you can have some very different approaches to the summit, with one of these being a short detour off the Pennine Way. Not many people undertake this when doing the Pennine Way as they are more often pushing to their finishing point at Kirk Yetholm.

The route we describe at Shepherd’s Walks for climbing The Cheviot takes in Cold Law and Broadhope Hill, which not only breaks your climb but also treats you to some well deserved views.

The current triangulation point on the summit of The Cheviot has been mounted on a concrete slab and stands tall, after the previous ones sank into the 2 meter deep peat but before you reach this as you cross over the last stile (before the summit plateau) you get a spectacular view of the valley down below and Hedghope on the opposite side.

Until 15 or so years ago this trig point was marooned in the middle of a peat bog and totally inaccessible but a paved path, which not only protects this sensitive landscape, which guides you to this island of a triangulation point. Since these old mill stones have been put in place it is amazing to see how the vegetation has regenerated again after years of intrepid walkers picking their way through the bog to the summit. Thankfully those days are well behind.

So forget all the bad press about The Cheviot, pull on those walking boots and head up to the highest point in Northumberland, you will not be disappointed.

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