My Top 10 Tips for Walking in Northumberland

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My Top 10 Tips for Walking in Northumberland

I hope you enjoy my ‘top 10 tips’ for walking in Northumberland.

1. Dress correctly – this is Northumberland after all, so you need everything from your sunscreen to your waterproofs all in the same day. Seriously, look at the weather forecast and take the appropriate clothing, but do be prepared just in case the weather changes.

2. Don’t forget your camera – you really must capture those great images to keep you going on those long winter nights. Often the memories fade, so take plenty of pictures of that great days walking in Northumberland.

3. Don’t carry too much – don’t kill yourself by carrying everything but the kitchen sink. Share the load out between the group, but there is no need to ‘sap all you energy’ by carrying far to much weight.

4. Get someone to show you around – why not go on a guided walk or pay a walking guide to take you out (why not try Shepherds Walks). Getting someone to take you out walking, either as part of a larger group or on your own can really bring the countryside to life for you. More info on guided walks in Northumberland can be found here.

5. Look at the weather forecast – we get such good local weather forecasts now please do use them and don’t be scared of tailoring your walk with the coming weather in mind.

6. Talk to the locals – ask the locals, your accommodation provider or people you meet in the pubs of Northumberland the best places to walk. In Northumberland we like talk to visitors as we are all so proud of our county and hopefully we can point you in the right direction. You can view my favourite walks in Northumberland online here.

7. Remember your lunch and water – one thing you may struggle with in Northumberland is finding somewhere for lunch. So do go prepared, take you lunch and drinks with you and if you find a shop or coffee shop on route treat it as a bonus.

8. Plan your day and do a little bit of research – preparation can make a good days walking great. Look at the weather, look at the map and plan your journey to the starting point. A little bit of preparation make for a great days walking.

9. Follow a walking guide, they often bring a walk to life – why not follow a self led walking guide (another great resource from Shepherds Walks). These have been researched in depth by people who know the best areas and they will be the best walks in Northumberland. Walking guides in Northumberland can be found here.

10. Enjoy your day and tell your friends all about Northumberland – soak up the stunning countryside Northumberland and enjoy it and don’t forget to tell your friends when you get home.

If you want any more advice or recommendations about walking in Northumberland please do get in touch with Shepherds Walks.

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