Interviews - Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team

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Interviews - Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team

In this series of videos I interview Iain Nixon, team leader of Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team as we discuss three key subjects.

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1. How do you call Mountain Rescue and what to do in an emergency

2. Understanding the weather and planning for this.

3. What kit should you have with you 


1. How do you call Mountain Rescue and what to do in an emergency

This video takes you through how to call mountain rescue in the UK, you should dial 999 ask for Police then Mountain Rescue.

When connected, provide the following information:

Your location: Provide as precise a location as possible, including any landmarks, trails, or GPS coordinates if available.

Nature of the emergency: Describe the situation briefly, including the number of people involved, any injuries or medical conditions, and the type of assistance required.

Contact information: Provide your name and a contact number where you can be reached in case rescuers need to follow up or obtain additional information.

Stay on the line until the emergency operator has gathered all necessary details and provides instructions. It's crucial to remain calm and follow any instructions given by the operator while awaiting assistance from mountain rescue teams.

2. Understanding the weather and planning.

3. What kit should you have with you 

Kit, discussed in the video –

  1. Rucksack
  2. Survival bag – Poly survival bag, Blizzard Blanket – key thing is to keep warm and dry
  3. Weather shelter – keeps you both warm and dry
  4. Navigation – Map, compass, GPS unit and mobile phone (carry a power pack)
  5. Clothing – Dress appropriately, use technical clothing – work on the principle of layering up and layering down
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Torch, preferably head torch
  8. Food and drink
  9. Keep everything dry, dry-bags


  • David Arnold

    Very informative – thank you – but don’t forget the humble Scarf – inexpensive, and very versatile.

  • Jean Black

    These are very interesting and helpful. A good refresher course.

  • Richard North

    Sensible and useful advice.

  • Di Farrell

    Great to listen to and have reinforced what to do. Thanks very much

  • Very useful if you are in an area with a signal.

    I was in the Brecon Beacons near Penyfan when my husband collapsed and died. And of course half paralysed with needing to stay by his body and going for help, I was unable to call the usual numbers, or indeed the emergency number, because there is absolutely no signal in that area sadly. By the time some walkers came by and ran to try and find a signal, it was too late.

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