The Schil - 2022

College Valley, The Schil -

The Schil - 2022

This guided walk was certainly sunshine between the showers.

Driving to the start of the guided walk up the Schil I have never seen rain like it, the roads where flooded and I pondered during the journey how many would actually turn up for the walk.

But as I pulled into the car park at Hethpool, College Valley who could have imagined we would get the break in the weather we did.

So, we set off on time, a dry but blustery day.

We first head up along St Cuthbert’s Way as we rose gradually up to the Border Fence, taking us in Scotland. From here we followed the border fence climbing up to Whitelaw Nick, White Law and skirting around Blag Hag.

We found some shelter from the wind behind the wall before starting our final climb up to The Schil, from this lofty viewpoint we could see showers skirting all around us.

As we started our decent to the College Valley the showers caught us, but with the strong wind they soon blew down and as we hit the valley floor the sun was back out.

As we headed back down the College Valley, passing Mounthooly and the war memorial we soon reached Hethpool.

As we drove away the rain came back down, how lucky where we.

A great walk made even better by us not getting soaked!

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  • Jean Wilson

    Agreed. Very challenging especially due to the wind!

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