The Cheviot - August 2023

Cheviot, The Cheviot -

The Cheviot - August 2023

The weather forecast was not great as we assembled in the Harthope Valley ahead of our walk.

After a quick introduction we were on our way heading up Cold Law (452m), the first summit of the day, from here you get some striking views and even with a bit of haze you could just make out the Northumberland Coast. 

From here we followed the fenceline to Broadhope Hill and then onto Scald Hill, here we stopped for lunch.

Then we had the steep climb up onto the flat summit of The Cheviot Itself (815m). It was certainly hazy on the top so we had no views but this did not curb the enthusiasm of reaching the summit of the highest point in Northumberland.

Until 20 or so years ago this trig point was marooned in the middle of a peat bog and totally inaccessible but a paved path, which not only protects this sensitive landscape, which guides you to this island of a triangulation point.

Since these old mill stones have been put in place it is amazing to see how the vegetation has regenerated again after years of intrepid walkers picking their way through the bog to the summit.

From the summit we dropped down to Scotman’s Cairn before dropping down steeply to the Harthorpe Burn. The path at the top end of the valley is a little rough in places but the group rose to the challenge and after Langleeford Hope the path dramatically improves.

Considering the weather forecast we had a very good day, with just the occasional shower. It was one of those days when the waterproof jackets were on then off then back on again.

A great day was had by all and many thanks everybody for joining me.


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