Hadrian's Wall - 2019

guided walk, Hadrians Wall -

Hadrian's Wall - 2019

It was a grey and windy morning as the ten walkers (and one dog) met at Steel Rigg car park. Mark introduced himself and welcomed everyone and suggested that due to the adverse weather we do the walk in reverse – walking to Housesteads on the flat below the Whin Sill - in the hope that conditions would improve in the afternoon.

Whilst lovely views of the loughs and the wall above the crags were enjoyed, a strong wind and driving rain on our backs kept us moving at a brisk pace. Fortunately as we approached Housesteads the rain stopped and the sun appeared – a lone deer was also spotted in the fields just below the wall – and this seemed the opportune time to have lunch. Mark provided information regarding the Roman occupation of Northumberland and the construction of the wall.

With a stiff wind still blowing it was decided to return to our starting point by walking on the “low path” rather than the path that ran beside the wall and on top of the crags. This proved to be a wise decision. We had a brief stop at the iconic Sycamore Gap and Mark touched briefly on why only 10% of the wall remains today and also the Border Reivers.

Despite the far from perfect weather everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Mark thanked everyone and wished them a safe journey home.

Mark 26.5.2019

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